November 2012: well we're still here.... even in late 2012... Gues we still have a few weeks before the end for some folks... The end of Days...

Good news there is another new cd callled Reflections... Check it out here!

August 2011: Check out my new no budget video....
Nuclear Hard Hat

July 2011:
Saugerties II, Songs From A Full Moon was released over the Winter. Have a listen in the music section.

Also a new covers CD featuring songs that I love is in the works... and just about ready for the upcoming show on July 23 at Orchard House Cafe, NYC. Please come out! A few cuts are available in the music section. Cheers.

September 2010:
Joel is going back to Saugerties to create another record to follow up SONGS OF SAUGERTIES by JK & the B's.
The band is looking forward and are Raleigh-ing behind JK! we all know Joel will Raleigh also!!!

Joel gets airplay and cool comments!
Radio Voce Spazio
Date: 2010-07-11 08:47:51
Feedback: Very good artist with a dylanesque flavour but more in the Americana style. I'll surely play many of his songs in my radio show of American roots music here... Massimo ferro

Joel has a new album released summer 2010 called "Songwriter"... see music link.

August 2009: yet another CD in the works. I've been working on mixing this record for a few months... will keep posted for a fall release date.

December 2008: Happy holidays... Hopefully all religions will choose to embrace PEACE rather than to focus on the differences....
The new album is called SONGS OF SAUGERTIES. It was recorded in September live with a LE Pro Tools rig, Apogee Rossetta 800 converters, nice mic pre's etc... and great players.
Joel Mixed it till he got sick of it... Then he got new "tools" and started mixing everything ALL OVER AGAIN till he was sick of it. Now it's done and it is one of his best...
Check it out in the music link!

January 2008: Joel asks Marcus to change his website a lot.. so much that Marcus stops talking to him entirely. The only reason M considers speaking to J at all is because of his daughter Ivy. She's really cool. Oh yeah...


January 2007: Joel re-records a CD originally recorded in 2000 called JUST ANOTHER CRUCIFIED JEW. It has been re-tracked, remixed etc...

November 2006: Joel finishes a new record called TRUE DISGUISE

July 2005: Joel finishes a new record called PSALMS OF KWEE KWEE

August 2005: Worldwide launch of!

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