JOEL KAMINER Portrait Artist/Songwriter/Musician
21st century genius (hiding in Brooklyn)

Personal musician to Saddam
Tutor to G.W. Bush (ethics)
Aesthetic consultant to Paris Hilton
Philanthropic advisor to D. Trump
Creative advisor to Oprah and Rosie

Joel Kaminer is a multi-faceted artist: singer, songwriter, painter, portrait artist and professional photograher. Joel has a MFA degree from Pratt Institute, studied at The Arts Students League, Institute of Fine Arts in Florence, Italy and New York City. Joel has worked with New York's "City Arts" program: painting and designing murals in NY with the help of underprivileged children and the elderly. One mural was done as part of the refurbishing of Times Square and was later purchased by Disney.
Among Joel's one man shows: a Benefit for the Homeless in conjunction with the National Urban League of NYC, at The Ward Lawrence Gallery in 1991, in addition to Pratt Institute, Salon Dada and the Hicks Street Art Gallery. Joel's television and newspaper credits include "Eye on New York" and The New York Times.

Musical credits include 1st and 2nd place in two categories in the "Bob Dylan" contest at Speak Easy's. He has performed solo and with his band at Sun Mountain, Dempsey's, Club Lauterbach, The Living Room, CBGB's. Joel is a member of the National Academy of Popular Music and the Songwriter's Guild of America. He performed at the South St. Seaport in NYC for 5 years.

If you would like to help support Joel in his art, you can commission him to do an oil portrait for $3500.00 , or if that is presently unaffordable, you can buy one of his music CD's.

Currently, Joel is creating CD's in his studio in Bklyn, NY (Adequate Studio's) and can be reached at 718 369-0950 or thru his website at: Joel Kaminer.com for gigs &/or Art commissions. Joel has been called one of the "Great Songwriters of his generation" by.......Thomas Jefferson. It is in very small print, at the bottom of the Declaration of Independence.


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